The Tucson Arizona Labyrinth Theater Project

Photograph by Leslie Ann Epperson, Tucson AZ - 2023

Barclay Goldsmith

Barclay died April 2024. We are shocked and empty of words. Each of us mourn in the confines of our imagination; imagination that Barclay fed and expanded with his creativity, optimism and surely by his kindness. 

The photograph is revealing: Barclay's soul is open to us, as well as his determination to enlarge the thoughts and desires of humanity which were clear to him but far away, in the distance for us. He thought out his art, the plays he directed, put us in contact, even if fleetingly, with their dreams, desires and hopes and made us to understand. The young Barclay, painting in upper right corner, observes with approvingly eyes.

Tucson Labyrinth Theater Project LOGO

Our Mission

The Mission of the Tucson Labyrinth Theater Project is to produce theater for you a diverse audience and to perform it wherever you are. Our stories spark post show conversations with audiences in partnership with local and regional organizations which support the issues in our play. We perform at community centers, theaters, places of worship and homes. We believe the power of our untold stories can change lives and build a healthier community.

Conceal and Carry Artistic Team